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Electric Pigs - Videoanimation von Andreas Maschke

Electric Pigs - Videoanimation von Andreas Maschke

Veröffentlicht am 03.05.2014

Electric Pigs
This is my entry for the 7th Annual Fractal Art Competition 2014 and a collaboration with the Pegleg Pig who contributed the Music.

About the title: you have to watch the whole video ;-)

I put a lot of effort and power into this video and want to thank my family for supporting me :-)
The video is dedicated to my father, who will probably never notice it, but he is like me, always a lot to do, and no time for anything ;-)

Some boring facts: I created 25806 files (21,3 GB of data) to create this video and used several computers to render it.
All fractals are absolutely raw fractals, generated and animated using the free JWildfire software. I have created a special version of this software to help to create this video, which is still ALPHA, but will be officially released soon.
The only modifications to the generated images are few simple transitions and reduction of brightness in the final stage of the video, but all of the main effects are just plain flame-fractals with added motion-blur :-)

Thanks again for the Pegleg Pig for contributing the music, you are great!

Go Pig! :D


"No One Gets Out of Here Alive" von Pegleg Pig (Google PlayiTuneseMusic)