Sonntag, 8. März 2015

Neue JWildfire-Version mit iflames-Editor

Meldung von Andreas Maschke über die neueste Version, die er freigegeben hat.

JWildfire 2.34 release: now with iflames-editor
Just released JWildfire V2.34 which is a major update, featuring a whole new module: the iflames-editor!

Another major feature is the ability to cache flame-thumbnails on harddisk, which may especially improve the speed of the flame-browser a lot. But also normal browsing of flames will benefit from this.  And, also the iflames editor… but what are iflames?

An “iflame” is some kind of a symbiosis of computer images and flame fractals, and is still a flame-fractal.

The basic idea is to build one huge fractal by exchanging “important” pixels of an image by swarms of small fractals.

So, an iflame is made by a picture (which may be another fractal or any other image) and a number of base-fractals.

The new module makes it a breeze to create iflames and control their numerous parameters (about 350 at this time).

It also allows to create a library of your own images and flames, and create random iflames using this data, the possibilities are endless :-)

Complete list of changes:
  • powerful new sub-application to create iflames (you can reach it form the main window-menu), including a particle-simulation
    to animate them, but please beware that this new application needs a very powerful computer,
    especially when you want to animate the iflames.
  • There are about 350-parameters to change, many of them may be animated:
    • “Edge-finding”: controls where to place base-shapes
    • “Global structure”: controls the global structure of the resulting iflame
    • “Blending”: controls coloring
    • “Dynamics”: controls global settings affecting dynamics aspects, like gravity
    • “Base Flame Appearance: controls the base-shapes inside an iflame (you may have upto 6 different base-shapes)
      • “Size and orientation”: The size and oriantation of the base-shapes
      • “Distribution”: how to place which base-shape
      • “Blending”: local coloring
      • “Mutations”: controls how to create mutations from the base-shapes
      • “Dynamics”: dynamic properties (like speed in a certain direction) of base-shapes
  • thumbnails in the Flame-Browser are now permanently cached which means a significant speed improvement
  • using the Thumbnail-Cache also in the flame-file-dialog
  • (Optional) user-defined path for thumbnail-cache in the Prefs
  • new “donut”-style for the “primitives_wf”-variation (set shape=6 and play with the a- and b-parameters)
  • new “waveblur_wf”-variation
  • changed the frame-scale behaviour in the Envelope-window to scale around 0 (and not the centre)
  • several other improvements to the motion-curve-editor, you may auto-fit the view by double-clicking at it
  • fixed a problem regarding the duplication of the gradient when duplicating a flame
  • added a new option to automatically clear the cache in the batch renderer after rendering each image
Just click the “Random flames” button to start playing around and have fun :-)