Samstag, 28. März 2015

Jetzt gibt es ein JWildfire-WIKI

Meldung von Andreas Maschke:

Just released JWildfire V2.40. Beneath many small additions there are two major new features:
- there is ... finally ... yes! ... an official documentation!

It is hold in a wiki

and continously evolving. There is not only conventional documentatiuon, but also tutorials. For the release there a 4 tutorials for beginners and one advanced tutorial.

- the possibilty to create animated brushes for use inside a painting programm for "painting with fractals". Currently, the native format of the painting software PD Howler is directly supported, for use in other software the generation of image-sequence is supported.

Complete list of changes:
- now with offical documentation-Wiki! See the "Documentation"-button at the Welcome-window or just visit it directly:
- 4 new beginners tutorials in the Wiki (Basic flame-editing, Basic color-editing, Basic formula-editing, More on formula-editing)
- ability to create animated brushes (to be used in a painting-program) from within the Easy Movie Maker. Currently the ANB-format from the super-cool painting-software PD Howler ( )is supported.
- added the possibility to have different types of output in the Easy-Movie-Maker, there are currently three choices:
- FLAMES (create flames)
- PNG_IMAGES (create flames and render them as PNG-images)
- ANB (animbrush in PD Howler's format)
Maybe I will add direct video-encoding as additional option, currently looking for a component who can do this job...
- advanced tutorial for creating animbrushes in the Wiki (not only for PD Howler)
- the action performed at a double-click in the main-flame-editor can now be changed in the prefs. There are the following choices:
- RENDER_FLAME: render the current flame, this was the default behaviour until now
- ACTIVATE_TRIANGLE_EDIT: activate "triangle"-editing
- SWITCH_TRIANGLE_CAM_EDIT: switch between triangle- and camera editing (this is the new default)
- NONE: do nothing at all
- the default fade-to-white-level for flames was increased from 200 to 220 to create more smooth defaults. You can change this in the prefs by modifying the value the property tinaDefaultFadeToWhiteLevel
- new "cpow3"-variation by Gregg Helt
- new "post_heat"-variation by zephyrtronium, transcribed by chronologicaldot
- added an instancing-option the the IFlames-editor, does not wortk for all flames, but when it works, much less ressources are needed
- removed the FAQ-section from the software
- FIXED: some fixes the startup scripts on Mac by Gregg Helt
- FIXED: a bug regarding the hiding of samples (affected only "crop"-like-variations)
- FIXED: after cancelling the Batch-renderer the cancelled image was saved, though (and was in the most cases a blank image)
- FIXED: a problem regarding saving render-state of iflames
- FIXED: a problem regarding projecting invalid points (which sometimes appeared at points with random color at coordinate (0,0)), thanks to chronologicaldot for the reminder!

Here is the download link: