Dienstag, 6. Januar 2015

Aktuell: JWF2.22 XMAS-EDITION zum Download bereit

Maschke hat eine neue Version herausgebracht. Gemäß seiner Meldung auf facebook:

Saying thanks to the community: JWF2.22 XMAS-EDITION release
Hello all, to celebrate the end of 2014 and saying thanks to the community for their support I have a special gift for you: the JWildfire V2.22 XMAS-EDITION!

It has been a while since the previous release, so there are some really new major new features, probably some of them will need some tutorials relaesed to be really enjoyable, but I hope, you will like them anyway:

- ability to use images as 2D-gradient for awesome “natural” looking fractals
- the invention of iflames and first implementation as variation “iflames_wf”
- easy 3D-flames by supporting affine-transform in 3D in the editor
- use any fractal as bokeh-shape
- bokeh-random-flame-generator

Complete list of changes:
- ability to use images as 2D-gradient fore awesome “natural” looking fractals
- experimental simple way to create 3d-flames by just specifying 3 affine transforms in 3 planes, needs nearly no change in the editor, but can be very powerful
- first implementation of iflames in form the “iflames_wf”-variation (please stay tuned for a tutorial)
- new button to switch on/off progressive preview in the interactive renderer
- new Bokeh-shapes:
- CannabisCurve
- Cloverleaf
- Flower
- Perlin Noise
- SubFlame (use ANY fractal as shape, even SVG-shapes. Save the flame as “_dof_<number>.flame” into your flame folder, where number is a zero padded nummber starting from 1, e.g. “0001″, “0002″, …. Choose this flame by specifying the “flame”-param of the DOF-Shape)
- Taurus
- new “Bokeh”-random-flame-generator
- new “Duality”-random-flame-generator
- some options in the Preferences to customize the “Duality”-random-flame-generator
- new “vogel”-variation by Victor Ganora
- Gradients:
- new button to randomly select a gradient from the currently selected folder
- new button to randomize color shift on the gradient tab
- new button to randomize color speed on the gradient tab
- new “Affine3D”-mutation for the MutaGen
- new “Bokeh”-mutation for the MutaGen
- many optimizations, especially made the renderer more smooth, i. e. reduced the amount of thread collisions
- fixed the “rings2″-variation, was buggy from the first time
- “new dof” is off per default (as is was off in any other version)
- removed the experimental “responsiveness” setting
- removed the “cross2″-variation (which works exactly like the “cross”-variation), some small fixes

Enjoy, and I wish you some nice holidays! Here is the download link: http://www.andreas-maschke.com/?page_id=351