Donnerstag, 21. August 2014

Circular Flame Tutorial or Unpolar GlynnSim von pillemaster

Ein in die Tiefe gehendes Tutorial von "Pillemaster" auf deviantart; zwar geschrieben für Apophysis, aber im Prinzip gültig auch für JWildfire

Circular Flame Tutorial or Unpolar GlynnSim by pillemaster on deviantART

Circular Flame Tutorial or Unpolar+GlynnSim by pillemaster on deviantART

An advanced Tutorial for Apophysis [link] by Xyrus02.

You can learn some things about the use of Xaos and how to make a circular patterned flame!

-updated and corrected version -> thanks to ~crux-ansata.
-the chinese translation by ~fengda2870 can be found here [link]
-an extended version of the tutorial flame can be found here [link]
-the magic numbers are multiples of pi [link]
-the unpolar plugin can be found here [link]
-waffle plugin comes from here [link]
-GlynnSim plugin is posted here [link]