Dienstag, 17. Juni 2014

Transform-Referenzen für JWildfire

Über den sehr informativen Aufsatz
Understanding How Fractal Transforms Are Processed

fand ich zwei sehr nützliche Referenzen auf deviantart, die ich hier eingebunden habe:

Reference Flames Vol. 1 by 0bsidianFire on deviantART

The first volume of reference flames I made for myself. This volume is all of the native variations in Apophysis 7x that have 0-1 variables. I wanted to be able to see what all the parameters looked like without having go through all the variations for each transform.

Included in the 7z file is the picture, a flame file with all the flames in it and a readme file with my various notes on the different variations, what the variables do and some links to some dA tutorials that I found very helpful. The flame file makes use of the stripes plug-in so make sure you have that. 3D flames have a pitch and yaw of 45 degrees and pre and post variations were all used with the mobius variation because it projects onto itself well.

2. Referenz:

die anderen Variationen:

Reference Flames Vol. 2 by 0bsidianFire on deviantART